Activate and set a PIN

  • Once you’ve got your Travel Money Card, activate and set a PIN online in NetBank or under Cards in the CommBank app and load at least AUD 50, or currency equivalent, to get started.

    You’ll also get a back-up card to use if your main one is ever lost or stolen. Here’s how to let us know if that happens.

Load and reload currency

  • There are 3 ways to load currency on to your Travel Money Card:

    • NetBank & the CommBank app: Transfer money from your eligible CommBank account to your card in NetBank or the CommBank app
    • Using BPAY: Enter the Biller Code 113167 then your customer reference number (your 16-digit Travel Money Card number). The money may take two to three working days to appear on your card.
    • At a CommBank branch: Find your nearest branch

    You can load up to 13 currencies at a maximum value of AUD 50,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) on your Travel Money Card at any one time.

    Reload in NetBank and the CommBank app on the go, wherever you are. Check our fees & charges.

Set or change a currency order

  • The currency order determines which currency is used to pay for things. The local currency is automatically selected when you pay for something, if it’s loaded on your card.

    If you don’t have enough local currency to cover the payment then the next available currency is checked.

    Here’s how it works.

    You have loaded three currencies on your card 1) USD 2) GBP 3) NZD. A purchase costs NZ$100 but you only have a balance of NZ$50. Your card will check if you have enough USD to pay because that currency is first in the currency order. If you don’t have enough USD then GBP will be checked because that’s second in your currency order.

    If no currency can pay the transaction in full, your card will be declined.

    Check and change your currency order in NetBank (Select account then Change Currency Order) or the CommBank app (Select Account then Account Settings and tap Set currency order)

Extra perks with your Travel Money Card

  • Save and get access to Visa® travel perks and offers including personalised deals on hotels, travel, entertainment, music, food and film - available when you have a Travel Money Card.

    Discover Visa offers & perks

Get balance alerts.
Track spending.

  • Alerts when balance is low

    We’ll tell you when your balance is low, so you can reload currency before it runs out. Opt in for free alerts.

    Track spending 

    • In NetBank and in the CommBank app under View accounts then Travel Money Card
    • Call our team 24/7 on 1300 660 700 or +612 9999 3283 from overseas (reverse charges accepted)
  • Daily transaction limits

    It’s important to be aware of daily transaction limits.

    Maximum value of purchases per day: Unlimited, however no more than your available balance.

    Maximum amount you can withdraw from ATMs per day: AUD 2,500 or foreign currency equivalent. However, most ATM operators have a limit on how much you can withdraw from an ATM per transaction which may be less than our maximum.

    Maximum amount you can withdraw over the counter per day: AUD 2,500 or foreign currency equivalent.

    If someone asks why the card doesn’t have your name printed on it point out that it’s a prepaid card and you’ve signed the back of the card. They can use your signature to verify the transaction.

Valid for 4 years.
Request a new one.

  • Your Card Expiry Date is printed on the front of your card – it’s valid for 4 years. When it expires, your card isn’t automatically reissued.

    Renew your card 6 months before it expires (and up to 3 months after it’s expired) in NetBank, the CommBank app or at your nearest branch.

    Your balance will be automatically transferred to your new card at no additional cost.

    When you ask us to reissue an expiring or expired Travel Money Card, your existing one (and back up card) will stop working immediately.

    If you don’t renew within 3 months after it’s expired, you’ll no longer be able to access your account in NetBank or the CommBank app.

Security & support

  • Purchase Security Insurance Cover

    Purchase Security Insurance provides cover for items purchased on your Travel Money Card that are lost, stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase.

    Terms, Conditions, limits and sub-limits do apply. Read more in our Purchase Security Insurance Information Booklet (PDF).

    If you want to make a claim, call Cover-More on 1300 467 951 within Australia or +612 8907 5060 from overseas Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 4pm(Sydney/Melbourne time). Call charges may apply.

  • Problems with your card

    If you are overseas and your card doesn't work at a particular merchant or ATM make sure you’re using:

    • The correct PIN (some countries require a 6 digit PIN - you must add ‘00’ after entering your 4 digit PIN)
    • An activated card
    • A Visa or Mastercard ATM (it won’t work otherwise)

    If none of these then you may be trying to withdraw more than your available balance, exceeding your daily usage limit or exceeding the ATM withdrawal limit as set by the local ATM provider. Log on to NetBank or the CommBank app to check your balance.

    If you have checked all of these things and the card is still not working, please contact us on +61 2 9999 3283 (reverse charges accepted).

  • What to do if you’ve lost your card or it’s stolen

    If you’ve lost your Travel Money card, or you think it might’ve been stolen, we can have an emergency replacement card sent to you anywhere in the world.

    You may also be eligible for an Emergency Cash Advance, giving you access to cash within 24-48 hours (often on the same day).

    Call us in an emergency on:

    •  1300 660 700 within Australia
    • +61 2 9999 3283 from overseas (reverse charges accepted) 

    When calling from overseas using your mobile, standard roaming charges may apply. To avoid roaming charges, call the international operator in the country you’re in from a landline and give them our reverse charges number +61 2 9999 3283.

Things you should know

  • If there is any money remaining in your Travel Money Card account three months after your Cards expire, we’ll close your account and convert your balance to AUD using the CommBank Retail Exchange Rate at the time of the conversion. You can claim this money by filling out a claim form at any CommBank branch.

    If you haven’t claimed this money within seven years after your account closes, we’ll transfer your balance to the Commonwealth Government’s unclaimed monies fund. You can apply to have this money returned to you at anytime by visiting a CommBank branch.