Accessibility Mode for Albert

At Commonwealth Bank we understand the importance of ensuring that our payments solutions are accessible to all customers and we are continually enhancing the features of our products, services and accompanying support tools.

Commonwealth Bank’s EFTPOS tablet, Albert, now has the capability to be accessible to the 350, 000 Australians who are Blind or have a vision impairment through the use of text to speech technology, audio signals and intuitive gestures. Key features of the accessibility mode include:

Text to speech narration

Albert’s inbuilt speaker provides customers with audio prompts, enabling navigation to a secure PIN entry process. The customer is advised of the transaction value and can select their desired account. In addition to the speaker, Albert  has an audio jack for earphones for private listening.

Secure PIN entry

When in accessibility mode the Albert touch screen enables customers to enter their PIN securely within the Albert payment app. The touch screen entry is not visible to the merchant, but is navigated through text to speech prompts, audio signals and a series of simple swipes and taps. The imaginary keypad has the layout of a standard telephone keypad.

When prompted to enter a pin, the cursor is set to "5". By swiping up, down, left, right and diagonally, individuals will be able to move the cursor and navigate through numbers 0-9. A double tap on the screen will enter a number and a long press with two fingers will submit their PIN.

To cancel a transaction, individuals who are blind or visually impaired are able to long press on Albert’s screen with 3 fingers.

CommBank commentary

"Commonwealth Bank recognises and endorses the importance of payment accessibility, and we are continually enhancing the features of our payment devices, including improvements to the accessibility function of Albert for blind and vision impaired customers.

We continue to build a strong culture of awareness, understanding and participation for people with a disability. This includes looking at improving our future design processes so we can better include accessibility standards for platforms used by our customers and employees.

Commonwealth Bank has conducted familiarisation programs to gain customer feedback and provide educational and training support as we continue to improve the Albert accessibility function.
As Albert evolves, we will continue to work with our technology partners and the broader blind and vision impaired community to optimise our solutions and accessibility support for customers."

  • Sarah Abbott, Senior Manager Diversity and Inclusion, Commonwealth Bank
Siemens commentary

"The teams at the Siemens Accessibility Competence Center and Wincor Nixdorf are proud to have partnered with Commonwealth Bank to develop the accessibility function available on Albert terminals. We now plan to roll out the function on other devices around the world.

We have undertaken extensive user testing in Europe, and included a blind engineer in the development of the function. We are confident that once a customer is acquainted with the function, PIN entry can be easy and secure."

  • Klaus-Peter Wegge, Head of the Siemens Accessibility Competence Center in Europe

For customers

To learn more about the accessibility solution in a non-payment environment, download and install the training app from Google Play.

In addition to the Albert accessibility solution, Commonwealth Bank offers alternative payment options for customers with living blindness or impaired vision including Tap and Pay for purchases under $100, signature preferred cards, and our manual merchant imprinter offering. For more information on these options please visit Merchant Support.

For merchants

It is important to note that Albert will only be accessible to customers with living blindness or impaired vision when the payment app is loaded and Accessible Mode is enabled through the Merchant Context Menu.

Help with Albert, App bank and CBA Apps

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Help with third party apps

On Albert, tap the App bank app, or visit

Select Apps, then search the relevant app name. Click into the app to see App Details and expand Support to see the contact details for the responsible developer.