Sensible credit practices

We provide a range of tools as an additional service for our customers, helping them to manage and build wealth.

Home Loan Health Check

The Home Loan Health Check is designed to make sure your existing Commonwealth Bank home loan still measures up, taking into consideration changes in lifestyle, circumstances or financial goals. It takes around 10 minutes to complete, is free of charge and allows borrowers to work with a Home Lending Specialist to determine the most appropriate Home Loan options. To take advantage of this free service call 13 22 24 between 8am and 8pm 365 days a year, visit any of our branches, or use the online Home Loan Health Check.


Financial health check

A quick free diagnostic can help you see the big picture. Make an appointment at your branch, and in just 10 minutes we can review your total financial needs and discover the products most suitable for you, how to get the most out of those products and ways to minimise fees. We can show you how to make the most of your financial products and we can even crunch the numbers on your spending and saving and look at starting a budget.


CommSec Investor Education

The Investor Education program offered by Commonwealth Securities (CommSec) offers a series of one and two-hour workshops on different investment topics, ranging from introductory through to advanced content.

In its first year of operation (2001) the program delivered over 1,000 workshops to 100,000 people in 140 locations across Australia. The program will continue to be enhanced, with the introduction of a range of new topics in 2003. Some of these workshops will be free and others would involve a fee.

Workshops are publicised on the CommSec website.