We adhere to a range of conduct codes to ensure we provide a high level of service to our customers.

Our Commitments
Our employees observe Our Commitments ensuring professionalism, honesty, commonsense and fairness in their dealings with customers

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing
Under the Act, the Group has adopted an AML/CTF Program consisting of a set of standards which set out how it identifies, mitigates and manages money laundering and terrorism financing risk.

Code of Banking Practice
We comply with this voluntary code of conduct, which sets standards of good banking practice when dealing with current, and prospective, individual and small business customers.

Codes of Conduct
We adhere to a comprehensive range of Codes as part of our every day activities.

Insider Trading Guidelines
Our employees are bound to act responsibly when they are aware of unpublished price-sensitive information about the Bank or any other company.

Political donations
Commonwealth Bank Board policy explicitly precludes the Group from making political donations. Donations must not be made to any political party on behalf of the Group. There are some political events (e.g. party conferences) that cater for the attendance of business observers, which Group staff may attend. The Group discloses the costs of attendance to the relevant Commonwealth and State electoral agencies on a regular basis.