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Statement of Professional Practice

By accepting employment with the Bank, all staff agree to comply with the Bank’s Statement of Professional Practice, ensuring the principles of professionalism, honesty, commonsense and fairness.

These guidelines are complementary to the Bank's instruction manuals and should be understood and observed by all employees of the Commonwealth Bank and/or its subsidiaries as appropriate (including those employed on an individual contract of employment).

In performing their duties, staff should keep uppermost in mind the need to use commonsense. If they always act honestly, exercise commonsense and are never afraid to ask for help if unsure of how to act, staff will not encounter any problems in observing the principles contained in this Statement.

Business of the Bank

Staff should protect and develop the business of the Bank, through prompt and efficient service to customers and prospective customers.

Staff should know their job and the Bank's instructions applying to it, follow directions, exercise and not exceed the authorities and discretions delegated to them and act in a manner that will enhance the reputation of the Bank.

They should comply with the law in all their activities.

Staff should actively support the Bank's policies regardless of their personal views.

Dealing with customers and avoiding conflicts of interest

Staff should avoid placing themselves in a position where they may stand to benefit, even indirectly, from a transaction between the Bank and another party. Where there is any likelihood of such conflict arising, they should make full disclosure to the Bank.

They should ensure that their personal relationships with customers do not influence or prejudice their obligations to the Bank. In particular, they should not accept commissions, and should use commonsense regarding gifts or hospitality from customers.

Equal employment opportunity

Discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace are illegal. Staff should know, adhere to and actively support the Bank's EEO policy and programs, regardless of their personal views.


Staff should treat all the affairs of the Bank, its customers and fellow employees with absolute secrecy. This obligation continues should they leave the Bank.


Staff should be absolutely honest in all their professional activities. Stealing, borrowing, misappropriating money or property for private use, unauthorised access to information and fraudulent acts generally are criminal offences.

Staff should report any knowledge of fraud, error, breach of law or concealed practice which may be detrimental to the interests of the Bank.

Staff should be aware that the Bank is often a target of attempted fraud, and be alert to ensure that the Bank's position is protected and that it does not inadvertently participate in any illegal activity.

Personal standards and finances

Staff should adopt personal standards consistent with the high reputation of the Bank and endeavour at all times to enhance the standing of the Bank.

They should manage their personal finances in a prudent manner and take care not to overcommit themselves.

If one is experiencing any financial difficulties, they should never hesitate to discuss them with their manager. They should inform the Bank if any bankruptcy or insolvency action is taken against them.

Outside employment and appointments

Staff may obtain supplementary employment or occupations outside the Bank, or hold honorary positions in clubs, charitable organisations etc, providing the performance of their Bank duties is not affected adversely, such employment or occupation does not in any way reflect adversely on the Bank and does not conflict with their duties to the Bank.

Any outside directorships of commercial organisations should be disclosed to the Bank and should only be held where there is no possibility of conflict or adverse effect on duties to the Bank.

Staff must approach the Bank for advice if they wish to stand for any political office.

For information about careers with the Bank, refer to the Careers.