Because taking your business online means you’re opening to an entirely new audience, every aspect of your business is an opportunity to make an impact. What your business looks like online, how products are priced, and the ease of use are all factors that can be optimised once you know how.

Uploading products that sell

While a digital store might lack the reality of a physical store, it offers control and a highly visual environment to showcase your products in their best light. A well-designed digital store allows you to create a positive customer experience from the moment they arrive.

Consider the following when designing a digital store with visual appeal:

  • High-quality imagery that does justice to your products. Video and 3D visualisations can offer a new angle and encourage purchases.
  • Colours, backgrounds, props and copy that represent your products in a way your target audience responds to.
  • Technical product information and regulatory information, to reassure customers and help build trust.
  • A clear, site-wide policy on delivery, returns and exchanges, so customers always know where they stand.

The psychology of pricing

The world of eCommerce is competitive, so a well-considered pricing strategy can be the element that ultimately converts customers. Much like the visual design of your digital store, your pricing strategy is another opportunity to stand apart from the competition and exceed your customer expectations.

Here are a few pricing strategies to consider:

  • Offering ‘customer also bought’ suggestions for related products
  • Bundling several items at a discount
  • Introducing discount codes or coupons to boost traffic and sales periodically.

Security as an essential

Most eCommerce platforms come with a range of security features built-in to help safeguard your operations. Combine them with regular maintenance to keep you and your customers protected against threats.

Important security features to look out for:

  • The ability to monitor all transactions and investigate the suspicious ones.
  • Automatic alerts for transactions of a particular size or geographical location.
  • Secure capture and storage of customer data, including credit card information and personal details.

A short note on domain names

A domain name (what comes after the www.) is an essential component of your digital store. It acts as a bridge between your offline business and your online presence and helps verify your identity to new and existing customers.

You can purchase domain names from a range of online registries with some eCommerce platforms connecting you to this service directly or offering sub domains.

Best practice online customer experience

Customer experience describes the journey a customer goes through during the buying process. Moving your business online offers an entirely new customer experience, which may require some testing and refinement as time goes on.

A few things to pay attention to that can help your online business grow:

  • Navigation. Your store should be easy to navigate from the homepage through to payment and confirmation or purchase. Consider how you can gather customer feedback throughout this journey to help you optimise and improve the experience.
  • Pay attention to the data. Are customers adding items to their cart but not proceeding to payment? There can be multiple reasons a customer abandons the cart. Data can often show you where in their journey customers are struggling and help you address these issues.
  • Personalisation. Consider delivery fees and return policies; how personalised you can get; and how loyalty offers can reward repeat customers. With the right eCommerce platform, some of these processes can be automated. 

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