Hear from some of our recent Engineering graduates about their experience. 

“I never thought I’d work at a bank. But after going through a mentorship program with an engineer from CommBank, I was drawn to the culture. I knew this is where I would grow as a professional and as an engineer.

I applied for the Summer Internship Program and got a taste of what it would be like working here. I worked on a proof of concept for the mobile app which was challenging but rewarding. As an Intern cohort, we stayed well connected and always knew what everyone was working on. We’d have lunches together and go out on Fridays which really helped us to get to know each other better.

After getting a taste (10 weeks) of experience working at CommBank, I wasn’t ready for it to end. So I applied for the Graduate Program and got in. Since starting in the Program, I’ve worked on two rotations working across the iOS app and a web-development team. From day one, I threw myself into the deep end and learnt as much as I could.

Being in an engineering role, I get to problem solve, challenge myself and learn about new technology every day. It keeps things exciting and fun. As humans we get frustrated when things don’t work out how we want to – however once I’ve worked on solving a problem, it’s really satisfying to overcome that frustration hurdle.

There’s such a great engineering culture here. I thought I’d have to wear business attire everyday – but I can rock up to work in jeans and a t-shirt because people around me, including my manager, do the same. Sometimes I forget that I’m working for a bank – it really feels like a tech company here. And as a big company, we’ll always be servicing our customers and there’ll be consistent opportunities to learn and grow.”

Megan, Software Engineer – Alumni Graduate

“Coming to my final year of software engineering in uni, I didn’t really know what kind of job I wanted to commit the next five to ten years of my life to. Due to my interest in so many different things, I found it quite intimidating to just choose one role straight out of uni.

The CommBank Graduate Program offered rotations to experience a wide range of engineering roles. This wasn’t something I’d seen offered at other companies at the time - for most you had two options, front end or back end. Being a graduate straight out of uni, I think this experience is super valuable for my own professional development and really supported me in figuring out the kind of work and culture that I wanted to surround myself in.

My graduate experience so far has given me exposure to the Chief Data Office and the Mobile iOS Team, where I’ve been given the opportunity to work on two completely different engineering roles, serving two sets of very different customers. From this, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy working on customer facing products like the CommBank app. As a graduate I never expected to be making my mark on such a high profile piece that is the CommBank app, which is used by millions of customers each day. To also be innovating and creating amazing experiences that positively impact and change the way we bank digitally, I don’t think there are many cooler projects than this. I don’t think there are many cooler projects than this.

One of the best parts of my experience so far is the people that I have gotten to work with. Everyone is super friendly and supportive, always down to help and just wants you to succeed and grow personally and professionally.

I’m only in my second rotation, but what I’ve noticed in engineering is that there are so many careers paths, and the Graduate Program helps you find your fit in engineering.”

Jessica, Software Engineer - Alumni Graduate

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