"When the Mentoring Program came out as one of our team initiatives, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to broaden my network and take my development even further. There was a list of leaders who'd put their hand up to be official mentors. They were a range of diverse individuals from across the group with incredible stories. It was great to see the willingness from these leaders to invest their time in developing others. 

"I told my mentor about an opportunity I wanted to apply for. She gave me tips on how to increase my personal brand, prepare me for interviews and lots of other valuable advice.

"If you’ve got a short-term specific goal, the mentoring program is extremely useful. However long you decide to have a mentor for, you’re bringing someone into your network for life."

- Jill, Senior Manager Expense Productivity Reporting

"When I first started as CommBank on the grad program, all the graduates were assigned a General Manager-level mentor. This pairing was very successful because after these two years I’ve still got the same person by my side.

"Initially the mentor relationship was quite structured. We would chat once every two weeks, which I felt I benefited from as there was so much I didn’t know. They guided me through the transition from uni life through to corporate life. Being my first real job, it was a shock to the system how big the company was and it was so helpful to have someone to have an open line of communication with.  

"My most recent goal was rolling off the grad program and into a permanent team, and my mentor guided me through that process.

"It’s nice to know that when you’re going through something in your career, whether it be positive or challenging, there’s someone I can pick up the phone to, have a conversation with and get some guidance."

- Tiana, Analyst Liquidity Management

"I joined CommBank a couple of years back. It was nothing like I’d ever seen before – the people around me were incredible, the culture was amazing and the work was great too. About 4-5 months in, there was one leader that I really admired. In meetings I loved her work ethic and how she articulated herself – she always knew what to say. I bit the bullet, reached out and asked if she would mentor me.

"While I had my friends and my work colleagues around me, it was nice to have someone to talk to who was at a different stage in both their life and career. We built a great relationship through our catch-ups.

"It was nice to know I had someone in my corner at work who really wanted to see me succeed."

"I recently got a promotion and I attribute a lot of that to my mentors’ guidance on how to navigate, prioritise and approach my work. One day I hope to get to Executive Manager or General Manager level with my mentor still by my side."

- Emma, Manager Balance Sheet Analytics