Financial wellbeing for parents

Why a new parents financial wellbeing guide?

This guide can help you get equipped for some of the financial changes that come with becoming a parent or welcoming a child into your family. These include creating room in your budget for increased living costs and how to manage with a reduced income if you have taken time off work. Plus, it covers what help is available if you experience financial stress. 

What's in the new parents guide?

  • Find out what parental leave and government assistance is available
  • Get tips on how to prepare financially for the changes ahead
  • Learn how you can take steps to manage impacts to your super

Download the guide (PDF)

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What is financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is about:

  • Being able to manage your every day expenses
  • Being prepared for a rainy day 
  • Saving for the life you’d like one day

With positive financial wellbeing, we have the financial freedom to make choices that allow us to enjoy life.

Want to know how you're doing? Check your financial wellbeing score today.

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