Business Investment Account

Term deposit

A term deposit account that locks in a fixed interest rate to earn guaranteed returns, if you don’t need immediate access to your funds.

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  • Minimum opening balance of $5,000
  • Choose a term between 8 days to 5 years




Term Deposit

Term deposit

A low-risk investment ideal for maximising surplus cash in your business. Your interest income is protected from fluctuations in the investment market.

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  • Open an account with a minimum of $5,000
  • Choose the term of your deposit

Cash Deposit Account

Cash deposit

One account that separates your investment funds into any combination of at-call or fixed term.

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  • Choose the term of your deposit, from overnight to five years
  • No account-keeping fees

To apply, call 1800 643 837 or speak to your Relationship Manager.



Financial securities issued by government and semi-government authorities and corporations to raise medium to long-term funding.

  • Generally fixed-term investments with a fixed rate of interest
  • Can provide a fixed income stream and diversification for your portfolio

To apply, speak to your Relationship Manager.


Important information

This document contains financial product advice of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute personal advice. It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs and accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of this information in light of your own circumstances. We recommend that you obtain professional advice.