About security investments


  • Also known as ‘negotiable certificates of deposit’ or ‘bills of exchange’ accepted or endorsed by Australian banks
  • Considered to be ‘discount securities’ because they are sold at a discount to their face value
  • Difference between the purchase price (amount invested) and the face value (amount at maturity) represents the interest earned
  • Provides flexibility, competitive returns and the ability to manage interest rate risk
  • Minimum investment amount of $100,000
  • Terms from 30 to 185 days
  • No account-keeping fees (where applicable, standard government fees apply)
  • The face value of the investment is paid on maturity


  • Competitive returns – receive rates available in the short-term money market
  • Consistent returns – once purchased, interest rate is fixed until maturity
  • Flexibility – a fixed interest rate facility can extend the guaranteed rate for up to two years, with interest paid quarterly (forward sale) or at maturity (compound forward sale)
  • Security – the accepting or endorsing bank has an ‘obligation to pay’ upon maturity. We will hold the securities for safe custody free of charge
  • Manage risk – enhance returns and manage risk by attaching Flexi Bill Solutions to your investment

Fixed rate security investments

  • Suitable if you want to invest for a longer term than is generally available in the securities or bank bill market
  • Minimum investment amount of $100,000
  • Choice of two types of fixed rate investments –  forward sales and compound forward sales (see below)

Forward sales

  • Security investments rolled over quarterly at the same interest rate negotiated on the initial investment date
  • Interest is paid on each rollover
  • Terms from four months to five years

Compound forward sales

  • Similar to forward sales, but interest is paid at maturity
  • Terms from four months to two years 

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