A new perspective on financing

Environmental and social impacts of doing business have never been more important to customers, investors, regulators and the community. Linking a borrowers’ sustainability performance with their financing needs offers both commercial and community benefits.

Sustainable finance represents a tremendous opportunity for Australian companies and organisations. By partnering with our clients and tailoring products around relevant environmental or social metrics, we can deliver financing solutions that make a real difference to Australia. 

Economy and community

Commonwealth Bank and Queensland Airports Limited's (QAL) strategic partnership has delivered the first corporate loan directly linked to the reduction of carbon emissions at Gold Coast Airport. This innovative financing structure enables QAL to deliver both financial and environmental benefits to its shareholders and the community.

Building a partnership

By meeting agreed carbon emissions reduction targets, Gold Coast Airport will receive a margin discount under a Sustainability Linked Loan. Discover the innovative approach that led to this ground breaking partnership and how Commonwealth Bank can partner with its clients to transition to a low carbon economy.

Endless opportunities

Sustainable Finance can be applied across all sectors and ecosystems. From retail, healthcare, waste management and agriculture through to social infrastructure, commercial property, or natural resources, we can tailor a suitable solution to any organisation committed to delivering improved environmental or social outcomes. Connecting capital to borrowers committed to making a positive impact will make a real difference to the customers and communities that we support.

Things you should know

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