Features & benefits

Digital self-service platform

Connect to eligible cloud-based accounting software and transact securely in NetBank or CommBiz.1

No property security

Quickly access the cash you need by using unpaid invoices as loan security – no property needed.2

No fixed repayments

The balance of your cash flow loan automatically adjusts when customers pay their invoices.

Scalable working capital

Fund up to 80% of the value of unpaid invoices – with access to more funds as your sales grow.2

How Stream Working Capital works

Stream Working Capital is a type of invoice financing, allowing you to access funds tied up in unpaid invoices and manage fluctuations in your cash flow. 

How Stream Working Capital works

Stream Working Capital is a type of invoice financing, allowing you to access funds tied up in unpaid invoices and manage fluctuations in your cash flow. 

Rates & fees

  • Custom interest rate

    • Interest rate margins based on your individual circumstances
    • Interest is only charged on the amount you use and is calculated daily on the outstanding balance
    • If you overdraw beyond your approved limit, the Excess Drawing Interest Rate will apply


  • Fees & charges

    You’ll find fees and charges detailed in your letter of offer, including:


  • A minimum facility limit of $50,000 applies. 
    Stream Working Capital may be suitable for businesses that:
    • Issue invoices in Australian dollars (AUD) 
    • Issue invoices to other businesses (B2B)
    • Issue invoices in arrears (after work is done)
    • Have a minimum value of $15,000 of invoices per month 
    • Have invoices paid into a Stream Working Capital Transaction Account
    • Operate in industries such as labour hire, wholesale trade, manufacturing and transport


    Stream Working Capital is not suitable for businesses issuing invoices:

    • In stages or in advance (before work is done)
    • To consumers only (B2C)
    • In currencies other than Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Stream Working Capital Transaction Account 

    You'll need a Stream Working Capital Transaction Account to access the features of Stream Working Capital – like accessing available funds and to receive invoice payments from your customers. We'll help you set this up.3

    If you already have a CommBank Business Transaction Account, we may be able to switch this to a Stream Working Capital Transaction Account. We'll walk you through the process.

How to apply

  • Existing customers

    Apply in NetBank if you're a CommBank customer.

    If you prefer to speak to someone, you can book an appointment.

    Apply in NetBank

    Book appointment

  • New customers

    Book an appointment if you're not a CommBank customer.

    One of our specialists will call you to talk about your options.

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Frequently asked questions

When you connect your accounting software through NetBank or CommBiz, we'll get most of the information we need to assess your application.  You'll also have to provide some documents – we'll let you know what we need.

Unlike traditional invoice finance services, Stream Working Capital is an online self-service platform. Using market-leading technology, our platform lets you connect your accounting software in real time and nominate unpaid invoices as loan security. Plus, it automatically reconciles your loan balance as customers pay their invoices – giving you full visibility over your cash flow position. 

We'll access the following data to assess your application for Stream Working Capital:

  • Business information and contacts
  • Accounting and tax data, including profit and loss, and balance sheets
  • Debtor ledgers, including invoices and aged debtor information
  • Creditor ledgers, including aged creditor information
  • Bank transactions

You can stop sharing your accounting data any time by disconnecting CommBank through your accounting software settings.

Things you should know

  • This information is current as at 29 June 2024 and is prepared without taking into account your individual and/or business needs and objectives. Credit provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This product is only available to approved business customers and for business purposes only.

    1 Eligible accounting software include Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. Other accounting software platforms are subject to approval, and will require CSV files to be uploaded into Stream Working Capital.

    Applications for finance are subject to the Bank’s eligibility and suitability criteria and normal credit approval processes. The minimum value of nominated invoices is $15,000 per month. A minimum facility limit applies to Stream Working Capital: $50,000 or more for customers using an eligible accounting software; $1.5 million or more for customers using other accounting software. We will require your consent to access your accounting software or information to assess your application and manage your account going forward. Full terms and conditions, interest rate, establishment fee and line fee are included in the Loan Offer, you should consider these before making any decisions about these products. Bank fees and charges may apply.

    To use Stream Working Capital you'll need to open or switch to a Stream Working Capital Transaction Account if your application is approved. Fees and charges for this account are in addition to those associated with any existing business transaction product.

    View our current Terms and Conditions for Stream Working Capital (PDF 781.10KB)Business Savings and Transaction Accounts (PDF 378.18KB) and Electronic Banking (PDF 493.34KB), our Financial Services Guide (PDF 79.84KB) and the Target Market Determination and consider them before making any decisions about these products. Fees, charges and Terms & Conditions apply. View our current interest rates.