Important cut-off times

  • The cut-off time (subject to change) for crediting:

    • Other financial institutions is 4pm (Sydney time).
    • A CommBank account is 7pm (Sydney time)

    If you try to make a payment outside these times, you’ll get a message that the payment system is closed. You can create a direct credit payment instead or schedule your Priority Payment for a future date.

Before you start

  • If you’re paying a new beneficiary, make sure you have their correct name, BSB and bank account number.

Creating a Priority Payment

    1. Type in a new browser and log on.
    2. Select Payments then Priority Payments.
    3. Enter a short description e.g. Payroll

      : The description is limited to 12 characters and helps if you need to search for the payment later. It doesn’t appear on the recipient’s statement.
    4. Select a purpose for the transaction if applicable or leave as “None”.

      : A transaction purpose is set up by the CommBiz Administrator and is used to restrict viewing user details. Learn more about transaction purposes.
    5. Select the payment date

      - The default date is today’s date, so if you’d like the payment to be made today, there’s no need to select anything.
      - To set a payment date that’s not today’s date, select Process on and enter the date (up to 15 months in advance)
      - To set up a recurring schedule, select Recurring Schedule then select the frequency, start and end date.
    6. Pay From

      - Select which account you’d like to pay from by typing the Account Name or Account Number or select from the account list
      - Enter the amount
    7. Pay to

      - To make a payment to an account you have in your address book, start typing in the Account Name field or select from the account list.
      - If the account is not in the list, manually enter the new account details. Click the Add to Address Book box to save this as a new address book entry once this Priority Payment is processed.
      - Enter the amount for the Pay To field (ensure the amount matches the Paid From field).

      Note: Our NameCheck tool will show whether the account name entered matches the account details. If things don’t look right, we’ll ask you to check the account details and speak with the recipient.

      Optional steps:

      - Click the Send Remittance Advice box , then the Enter Remittance Advice Details page will be displayed. Select the Remittance Method from the dropdown menu, fill in the Remittance Advice Details and click the Add and Save. This will send a payment confirmation to the recipient.
      - Add Payment Details for Beneficiary if you wish to add further details for the payment and Select Edit Beneficiary Details if you need to change their address details.|
    8. Check the details you entered and click Submit.

      Note: If you want to delay submitting the payment, choose Save as Temporary Transaction and you’ll be able to return to the payment when you’re ready.
    9. The confirm priority payment screen is displayed.

      - If you need to make changes, click Modify.

      If you’d like to receive notifications, choose from the options
    10. Click Confirm to submit the payment for authorisation.

    11. The Transaction Advice screen is displayed, advising that the Priority Payment is now waiting to be authorised.

      - If an Account Authoriser is available, they can complete the payment authorisation by clicking on their name on the screen and entering their Authoriser details.
      - If an Account Authoriser is not available:
      - Click the OK button to be returned to the Priority Payment Screen.
      - Advise the Account Authorisers there is a pending Priority Payment to be authorised. The payment will not be processed until the account authorisers have completed their authorisations.

    Note: Its good practice to remind the Account Authorisers of the payment cut off time 4pm for non-CBA accounts or 7pm for CBA accounts.

Reduce false-billing scams

NameCheck is our security tool which reviews the bank account details you enter for a non-bulk payment to a first time payee using Direct Credit via CommBiz.

Learn more

Important information

  • This guide is published solely for information purposes. As this guide has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances and if necessary seek the appropriate financial advice before acting on information in this guide. Call 13 1998 or view the CommBiz Terms and Conditions.