Can I have an eToken and physical token at the same time?

Only if they are for different services. You're not able to have both for the same service. 

Can my service have a mix of eToken and physical tokens users?

If you're switching to eToken, any user who activates eToken on their app will deactivate their physical tokens. If you're using a physical token, don't activate eToken on your app to continue as normal.

If your service was registered with eToken when you signed up, all new users on the service will default to eToken. You can still order a physical token for any token user by calling CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339.

Can I have multiple eTokens for different services if they have separate log ins?

To have more than one eToken, you need to register the CommBiz app on different devices. For security reasons, each device is linked to a unique user profile and service.

Can I activate eToken on multiple devices all linked to the same service?

You're unable have eToken activated on multiple devices linked to the same service.