• Where can I get more information on IBAN?

    You may obtain more information from the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) website at https://www.iban.com

  • When do I use an Intermediary Bank?

    The beneficiary may provide full payments instructions to ensure funds are not converted or so that funds are received by them quicker.

    An intermediary bank can be used when the beneficiary bank is not domiciled in the currency of that country.

    An example is as follows:

Intermediary Bank: 
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Australia
Beneficiary bank: 
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation London
/Account No.
Company ABC

In this instance AUD will be sent via Priority Payment to HSBC Australia who will credit HSBC London’s account and will send them an advice that they have been credited and that funds are for Company ABC.

  • How do I register for CommBiz IPFX or get an FX dealer code? 

    Speak to your Relationship Manager (if you have one) or visit a branch to see if you're eligible for CommBiz IPFX.

  • I'm an FX customer, how do I enable this on my CommBiz Service?

    If you're already an FX customer and want to enable IPFX on your CommBiz Service, your CommBiz Administrator will need to submit an Enable Foreign Exchange request. You'll need your FX dealer code if you already have one. Alternatively, one will be provided to you once the CommBiz Enable FX Maintenance Request is completed. Sign and return the relevant forms by email to bankfeed@cba.com.au or post to:

    CommBiz Reply Paid 332 
    Silverwater NSW