• If you’re trying to authorise a transaction, but it’s not showing in Payables Authorisations Required, there are a few things to check.

    Find the transaction* and then:

    1. Go to Payables Transaction Group Status List
    2. Select Processing Date then click Search
      To search by amount, transaction type or description and select Show Advanced Search > Search

    You’ll need to check the status, as it may have been cancelled by another User or by CommBank. For information on each transaction status, see the Transaction Group Status List User Guide.

    If the status is ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Partially Authorised’, and you’re not listed as an Authoriser you don’t have permission to authorise the transaction. Ask your Administrator to update your organisation’s authorisation rules (see Setting Transaction Authorisation Rules).

  • * If you’re unable to find the transaction you’re looking for:

    • Search all date ranges as it may have been entered with the wrong date
    • The user who submitted the transaction may have forgotten to press ‘Confirm’ – if so, you’ll need to resubmit the transaction
    • You may not have permission to view the transaction. Double check with your CommBiz Administrator (see the Managing Users guide)