EFTPOS terminal user guides

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New features

  • Dual SIM. Dual SIM capabilities are only available to customers who are upgrading their terminal or who have a faulty Essential Lite. Please contact our 24/7 Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 230 177. 1
  • Surcharging. Our latest software release for Essential Lite includes the new feature of automatic Surcharging. To check if you have this feature available now, please follow the ‘Surcharging’ section on the User Guide. If it isn’t available and you want to activate it, contact our 24/7 Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 230 177 to have Surcharging enabled.2

New feature: Cloud POS

Cloud POS is now supported on Essential Plus. To learn more about this feature, refer to the 'How to switch from Standalone to Cloud mode' or 'How to switch from In-store to Cloud mode' section on the User Guide (PDF). If you require this feature, please contact our 24/7 Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 230 177 to have Cloud POS enabled. 

Point of Sale (POS) operating system

Download and install the latest patches for your Operating System from the Microsoft Website.

Linkly client version

Linkly Client Version contains all the latest improvements for performance, stability, bug fixes, latest supported functionality. For further support see Linkly.

USB power management settings

Disable power management settings on the USB connection that your EFTPOS is connected to. For further support see recommended power settings for best performance from a USB connected terminal.

Ingenico USB driver version

The latest USB driver can be downloaded from Ingenico. This USB driver is not found within the Linkly install package. It is recommenced by Ingenico to be used with their products globally and if you are experiencing connective and stability problems between your POS and EFTPOS terminal. For further resources see Igenico USB Driver Application and installation guide  

For further support, contact your POS software provider.

Terminal Management System (TMS) parameter settings

  1. Duplicate transaction check – to prevent transactions being duplicated when there is a break in communications between the EFTPOS terminal and the POS, we recommend flags that may be enabled in the terminal called 'check duplicate transactions'. This flag is not enabled by default. Your POS must increment the POS reference number every transfer this setting to be of value. If you would like this setting enabled, please contact your Relationship Manager or the Merchant Enquiries team on 1800 230 177 (available 24/7).
  2. Cloud connections – there is an inbuilt 10 second delay after the transaction has been approved on the EFTPOS terminal to the POS. If your cloud connection is stable this value can be set to zero which will improve the transaction speed performance. The parameter is called 'dialogue time out'.

EFTPOS terminal software

The recommendation is for your terminal to be operating on the latest software which is 8.42b or higher. When your terminal restarts the software version is displayed on the screen. While CommBank endeavours to update your version automatically, due to a number of factors not all terminals are updated to this version. Commbank can facilitate the swap out of your terminal to the latest software version. If you require the latest software update or need to swap out your terminal, please contact your Relationship Manager or the Merchant Enquiries team on 1800 230 177 (available 24/7).

Physical terminal set up

Avoid movement at the EFTPOS terminal if possible as cables cannot be stressed. Ensure your terminal is only paired to the one base.

To avoid any issues, take care to ensure you place the EFTPOS terminal is back on the base it was installed with. The EFTPOS terminal will not function correctly if it is placed on a different base. For further support see Essential Move5000 POS Stand Guide

eCommerce support

How to use your eCommerce platform


For general BigCommerce support, visit BigCommerce Support.

For support on BigCommerce CommWeb MPGS, visit our user guide.

To switch from BigCommerce CommWeb MIGS to MPGS, call 1300 096 392.


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Things you should know    

  • As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Please view our Merchant Agreement, Financial Services Guide and Operator and User Guides above.

    1 Dual SIM available for new installs and replacements from 13 December 2021.

    2 Surcharging is a useful tool to recover the costs of processing card payments in your business. However, the value of the surcharge must not exceed the value that it costs you to accept the transaction, you can find more information at commbank.com.au/surcharging.