Give someone full access to your business accounts by adding them as a signatory.

You’ll need to fill out an Authority for Business Accounts form to give other people signatory access to your business accounts. This will help you to:

  • Add or remove a signatory
  • Change the method of operation, which is the number of people required to authorise a transaction

What can an account signatory do?

Account signatories can:

  • Use your business account
  • Make changes to account settings (e.g. updating your address)
  • Open additional accounts for the business if the signatories are the same

Signatories can access the account:

  • In branch
  • Over the phone
  • In NetBank and the CommBank app
  • With a debit card (1-to-sign accounts only)


Filling out an Authority for Business Accounts form

1. Download a new Authority for Business Accounts form

2. Complete the form:

  • Each signatory needs to sign next to their name
  • Your organisation’s representatives need to sign the declaration section (section 6)

3. Prepare verifying documents

  • Refer to Commonly required documents for verification in section 5 of the form
  • If you’re a company, we’ll do the ASIC search for you

4. Return the hard copy form with original signatures to a branch or your relationship manager


We’ll need to check a few details

For signatories who don’t bank with CommBank, we’ll need to check identity documents in a branch. Find out what documents you’ll need to bring.

Other access levels

You can give other people limited access to your accounts without adding them as signatories.

Card access

To give other people card access:

For debit card access, add them as an account signatory (see above) so they can request a Business Visa Debit card


Use CommBiz to set sophisticated user controls and access levels in CommBiz, including view-only. Learn more.

If you’re already registered for CommBiz, see user guides for:

Enquiry only

Enquiry only access allows people to obtain information about your accounts in branch or over the phone. It doesn’t provide access through NetBank or the CommBank app.

Visit a branch or contact your Relationship Manager to give someone enquiry only access.