I need to change or cancel my IMT

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My International Money Transfer (IMT) hasn’t arrived/I need to change or cancel my IMT. What do I do?

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Last updated 11 October 2017

An IMT usually takes between 2-3 business days to process. It may however take longer depending on your recipient's country and bank.

If your recipient does not receive your transfer, or you wish to change or cancel your IMT, you can request that a trace/amendment/cancellation be placed on the IMT by:

  • Completing an IMT investigation form in NetBank
  • Calling us on 13 2221
  • Visiting any branch.

To access the form in NetBank:

  • Click on the relevant IMT transaction in your Transaction history and select 'Amend, cancel or trace a transfer', or
  • Go to ‘Manage my accounts’ and under 'International money transfers' select ‘Amend, cancel or trace a transfer’.

This form can be used for IMTs sent in NetBank within the last 6 months. This form cannot be used for IMTs sent from an account that requires authorisation from more than one account holder. Please note that amendment requests are not available for IMTs sent via Pay to International Mobile using the CommBank app. Only traces and cancellation requests are accepted for these types of payments.

If you suspect that an IMT is fraudulent, please call 13 2221 for immediate assistance rather than using the form.

For further information regarding fees and charges, please refer to Standard fees and charges for International Payments and Travel funds. Overseas banks may also charge additional fees.

Please note: If you included the recipient's email address in the transfer, please have these details available when you request a trace.

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