Why use a spending cap?

Complete control

A spending cap allows you to stay in control all the time. It’s fast and easy to set up and applies to all CommBank cards and additional cardholders on the account.


Want to restrict your day-to-day spending, or perhaps just for a night out or while you’re travelling? A spending cap lets you cap a portion of your limit at a click of a button without having to permanently decrease your limit. You can change or remove a spending cap at any time.

Heads up

Recurring payments such as direct debits, scheduled transfers and bill payments (including BPAY®) will go through, even if they go over your cap. Transfers in NetBank or the CommBank app, bill payments and recurring payments like direct debits won’t be declined even if they exceed your spending cap. In-store and online purchases will be declined.

If you need to make a purchase that exceeds your spending cap, you can turn the spending cap off in NetBank or the CommBank app.

To find out more, see our full Terms and Conditions in NetBank or the CommBank app.

CommBank app Spending Cap screen

How a spending cap can help you

  • Budgeting

    A spending cap can assist you in planning ahead to stay within your budget. You can cap your spending to limit yourself to the amount you know you can repay, which can help you resist temptation to spend once you reach your limit.

  • Saving

    Even just a little bit of overspending can hold back your savings. Setting a spending cap can help you avoid having to dip into your savings to make any credit card repayments that are bigger than anticipated.

  • Setting up for success

    One of the hardest parts of reaching your financial goals can be knowing where to set your limits. By defining your limits with a spending cap you can set a clear path to achieving what it is you want.

How to get set up in the CommBank app

Setting your spending cap is quick and easy. (Please note: Only the primary cardholder can set up or change the cap)

CommBank app welcome screen

1. Log on

In the CommBank app, tap Cards, then Credit card.

Choose 'Spending cap' in the CommBank app settings

2. Activate

Go to card settings and turn on your spending cap.

Enter the maximum amount you'd like spend on the card overall

3. Set amount

Enter an amount to cap your card’s overall spending limit.

Confirmation screen that your spending cap is set

4. Done

You’ve set your spending cap. You can change anytime.

Don't have the CommBank app?

Text APP to 0417 041 041 to get the mobile app link sent to your phone.

How to set a spending cap in NetBank

    1. Logon to NetBank and click on Settings in the top menu
    2. Choose Card settings (under 'Card security & limits')
    3. Under 'Spending cap', click on Change to set or remove your cap.

    Change in NetBank

Things you should know

  • A spending cap will also apply to any companion CommBank cards held by any additional cardholders on the same account. Note that some types of transactions made via CommBank branches, telephone, online or mobile banking such as transfers to other accounts, bill payments, assisted cash withdrawals and transactions flagged as recurring (for example, direct debits) or that are not sent to us for authorisation won't be declined. For full terms and conditions of the spending cap, visit NetBank or the CommBank App. Other conditions apply.

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