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Your Customer Advocate: Supporting World Day for Cultural Diversity

Your Customer Advocate: Supporting World Day for Cultural Diversity

We are proud to support and celebrate the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity on 21st May.

Australia has one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations in the world and we want to mirror Australia’s diversity in order to support all our customers, no matter their background.

The bank reflects the diversity of Australia with 1 in 4 employees¹ and 4 out of every 10 Australian banking customers born overseas. We know that banking is an essential part of everyone’s life, yet there are still many within our community who face significant challenges. This is especially true for customers who are either not fluent in English or unfamiliar with our banking system.

We want to help make their lives easier, that’s why we are focussed on reducing – and, hopefully, eliminating – a number of these challenges.

We have a 100-year history in introducing new arrivals and new communities to Australian banking.  This means that we have a significant responsibility in promoting social cohesion and financial inclusion.

To support multicultural communities across Australia we have implemented a specialist multicultural community team responsible for these areas, as well as providing meaningful employment opportunities for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

In the last year our Multicultural Community Banking team have been recognised by the State Governments of NSW, Queensland and Victoria for leadership and best practice in multicultural engagement and commitment to cultural diversity.

This year they kicked off our mentoring and internship programs for multicultural communities.

The Victoria University Mentoring Program:

  • The mentoring program, in partnership with Victoria University, encourages CommBank employees to mentor students from diverse backgrounds to assist them in their transition into, and navigating, the corporate world.
  • The African Internship Program, a joint initiative with the Melbourne Employment provides work opportunities for members of African communities and welcome more diverse talent into the bank.
  • The Youth Program in partnership with the Islamic Museum of Australia focusses on both Islamic and non-Islamic schools.

In addition to these initiatives we’ve also set up an External Cultural Diversity Advisory Council, comprising of academics and representatives from Government, community, sport, arts, media, corporates and philanthropic organisations. We will draw on the expertise of the Council to help us understand and focus on important issues affecting multicultural communities.

While we recognise that there is still a long way to go in tackling all of the challenges faced by people from culturally diverse background when it comes to banking, we making progress.

Download the Cultural Diversity report.

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Reference ¹ CBA Diversity and Inclusion Report 2017