What you’ll need to provide

  • For a straightforward home loan (for example, you’re a solo borrower or not self-employed), we’ll need to see proof of identity, income and how much you owe should you apply in person with a Home Lending Specialist, or have them to hand if you choose to apply online. 

  • Identification

    How much ID you need to bring along will depend on whether you’re a new or existing CommBank customer.

    • New customers: Please bring along or have on hand your photo identification, such as your Australian driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card, or any two of the following:
    • Birth certificate
    • Citizenship certificate
    • Pension card issued by Centrelink
    • Overseas driver’s licence
    • Household bill, e.g. rates, phone or electricity bill.
    • Existing CommBank customers: We’ll need to see one of the following:
    • Your CommBank debit or credit card, or passbook
    • Photo ID, such as your Australian driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card
    • Your telephone banking password.
  • Income

    • Unless your salary is paid into a CommBank account, you’ll need copies of your bank statements for the last three months (or the last six months if you are casually employed), your most recent payslip, or an employment contract or letter from your employer detailing your current base wage and PAYG payment summary or tax return
    • If you’re self-employed and pay yourself a regular salary, you may be eligible for a simplified verification process – please get in touch with our Home Lending Specialists to discuss your needs. Otherwise, you’ll need your: 
    • Personal tax return from the most recent year (sole traders will need to provide two most recent years) and your most recent ATO Notice of Assessment, or a letter from your accountant confirming that tax returns are final and have been lodged with the ATO
    • Most recent business tax returns
    • Most recent business financial statements, showing the last two consecutive years' profit and loss information.
    • If you’re earning rental income from another property, we’ll need to see one of the following:
    • A statement from the managing/real estate agent
    • The current lease agreement
    • The most recent tax returns showing your ownership of the rental property.
    • If you receive any government income, we’ll need to see a letter from Centrelink confirming your benefits amount
    • If you have other income (e.g. investment income from shares) that isn’t listed above, we'll also require documents for these.
  • Expenses

    Calculate your current living expenses and consider any changes you may choose to make in the future, should your home loan be approved. Living expenses are the funds you need to maintain a reasonable standard of living, including expenses such as food, transport, clothes, utilities, education and healthcare. We’ll ask you for a breakdown of your monthly living expenses.

    If you are earning rental income we will also ask you for an estimate of your rental expenses for each investment property.

  • Other information

    • If you're using an existing property you own as security, we’ll need to see either a rates notice that shows the street address and title reference, or a Notice of Valuation
    • If you’ve already found a property, we’ll need to see a Contract of Sale as well as your solicitor or conveyancer’s name, address and contact details
    • If you have existing insurance, we’ll need a copy of any insurance documents (e.g. policy schedules)
    • If you’re building a home, please provide us with the formal building tender and formal plans and specifications
    • If you have savings, investments, credit cards or loans not held with CommBank, we may also require documents for these.

Applying online

You can apply online for a home loan in 10 minutes and get a response in just 60 seconds.

  • To apply online for a home loan, you’ll need to have on hand the personal and financial details outlined above. You can choose to receive, sign and return many of your home loan documents electronically, although due to government regulations some documents will always need to be physically signed and witnessed on paper. We'll call you within 48 hours of applying online to answer any questions you have and guide you through your next steps
  • We'll ask you for documents to confirm your income, assets (what you own), and liabilities (what you owe)
  • You can keep track of your application with My Home Loan Tracker in NetBank, or give us a call
  • Once we've checked everything's in order, we'll give you a formal written loan offer.

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  • We collect your personal information so we can contact you to make an appointment to discuss a home loan and other products that may be of interest to you. For more details about how we handle your personal information, or how you can access or correct your personal information or contact us with any feedback, see our Privacy Policy.