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In just 10 minutes we can review your financial needs and ensure you are:

  • In the right accounts for your banking needs
  • Not paying unnecessary bank fees
  • Have the best savings options for you to maximise your savings

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How it can help

Are your current products – whether they’re with us or another bank – working for you?  Are they costing you too much? We can show you how to make the most of your bank accounts.  We can help you minimise fees and maximise your savings.

What to expect

We start with your goals and ambitions – from buying a house to starting a family to retirement – and explore ways to help you achieve them. We look at your current lifestyle and changes that may be occurring in the near future and see how they affect your finances now and in the future.

What to bring

You don’t need to bring a thing – just drop into your nearest branch today!

Rates & fees

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