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Telephone banking


Telephone banking is a fast and simple way to do most of your day-to-day banking.
By using your telephone keypad you can access the following services:

Press 1

Press 2

Press 3

Press 4

For Self ServiceTelephone Banking

To report a Lost or Stolen Cards

New Product Enquiries

For anything else

Press 1 

Balance or transaction history 


Press 1

To apply for a new credit card

Press 1

To Transaction BPAY, Transfer enquries

See NetBank FAQs first

Press 2

Funds transfer or BPAY


Press 2

To apply for a new Transaction or Savings account

Press 2

To update your details (such as address, phone numbers etc.)

You can also do this on NetBank

Press 3

Foreign Exchange Rates


Press 3

To apply for a new Personal Loan, Car loan or Overdraft

Press 3

For account fees or interest inquiries. 

You can also do this on NetBank

Press 4

For Card Activation or card PIN reset


Press 4

To apply for a new Home Loan

Press 4

Branch Location and opening hours enquiries;
go here to view online (no need to call)


Press 5

Changing phone banking password


Press 5

To apply for an Insurance Product

Press 5

NetBank Enquiries

See NetBank FAQs first



Press 0

To apply for any other product


Press 0

For any other enquiries visit our online support page

Most features can be accessed by following our quick reference guide, the voice prompts, or you can speak to a Customer Service Representative 6am - 10pm.

Getting started

All you need is a touch-tone phone and your CommBank App PIN or telephone banking password. You can also use your 4-digit CommBank App PIN if you are calling from a phone number that is linked to your account. 

Special services

Customers who are hearing-impaired or speech-impaired can contact us via the National Relay service (24 hours, 7 days a week).

National Relay Service contact numbers

The National Relay Service also provides an Internet relay service where speech or hearing impaired users can be connected to our telephone numbers online. Find out more.

Answers to the most common questions


Q. What’s the best way to do my banking on a smartphone or tablet device?
A. Register for NetBank or if you are already registered you’ll be able to use your existing Client ID and password to access Mobile Banking for iPhone and Android. If you have an iPhone or Android you can download our revolutionary CommBank app. Go to the CommBank app page for more details.

Q. Why doesn’t my password work?

A. Your telephone banking password is not the same as your ATM card PIN or NetBank Password. It is a password you may have selected when you spoke to a staff member on 13 2221. If you do not have one, select Option 1 then 0. The password needs to be between 6-12 numbers or letters.

If your password has letters you need to press the key on the phone once where that letter appears. Not multiple times like an SMS. For example, if your password is “MAGPIES” you type “6247437”.

If you have a smart mobile phone you may not have letters on the keypad. We recommend you change your password to numbers only in this case.

Q. How do I choose a telephone banking password?
A. Call 13 2221 and select Option 1 then 0 to speak to one of our staff. Your password must be between 6 and 12 numbers in length.

Alternatively, you may also use your 4-digit CommBank App PIN if you are calling from a phone number that is linked to your account.


Q. How do I pay a bill with telephone banking?
A. You can pay your bills over the phone via BPAY®. You’ll need your 4-digit CommBank App PIN or telephone banking password, and the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number, which you’ll find on your bill. From the menu, select Option 1 then 2 and follow the prompts.

Q. How do I re-enter details if I have made a mistake?
A. If you make a mistake you can press the “*” (star) key on the phone keypad to re-enter the number you just entered. If you press the “*” (start) key twice when entering details you will go back one step in the menu flow.
You can go to the previous menu step at any time by pressing “*” (start) key. To go right back to the Main Menu you can press “7”

Q. How do I access telephone banking from outside Australia?
A. To access telephone banking outside Australia, dial your international direct dialing access code followed by 61 13 22211.

Q. Can I access telephone banking from any phone?
A. You can access telephone banking from most touch-tone phones and mobiles. We recommend you visit the mobile page for better ways to do your banking on a smartphone or tablet device.


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