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Relationship Balance

What is Relationship Balance?

Relationship Balance is the sum of a customer's savings and borrowings balance in contributing accounts held with the Commonwealth Bank.

How do I benefit from the Relationship Balance?

Customers who maintain a combined Relationship Balance of $50,000 or more in contributing accounts, will receive a monthly account fee exemption.

Note - Exemptions do not apply to:

  • Non CBA ATM fees
  • Exception Fees - eg Overdrawing approval fee
  • Maestro and Cirrus access charges
  • Fees for common banking Services.

What accounts are eligible for Relationship Balance exemption?

The accounts listed below are exempt from Monthly account Fees and Withdrawal fees:

  • Cash Management Call Account
  • Commonwealth Direct Investment Account
  • Everyday Account with Complete Access
  • Everyday Account with Smart Access
  • GoalSaver
  • NetBank Saver
  • Passbook Savings Account
  • Savings Investment Account


The accounts listed below are exempt from Monthly Account Fees only:

  • AwardSaver
  • Cash Investment Account

The account listed below is exempt from Withdrawal fees only:

  • Pensioner Security Account

When is the Relationship Balance calculated?

The Relationship Balance is calculated on the second last business day of the month. If the Relationship Balance is $50,000 or more, the fee exemption will apply for the following month. Monthly Account Fees are charged on the first business day of the following month.

How is a Relationship Balance calculated for Single and Joint accounts?

If you own accounts either individually or jointly then in the following month you are exempt from certain fees on those accounts which are:

  • Held by you individually. The Relationship Balance is calculated from accounts held by you individually as well as any accounts held by you jointly. The balance of a joint account is apportioned equally among the parties to the account.
  • Held by you jointly. The Relationship Balance is calculated only from accounts held by you jointly with the same joint account holders.