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The PIN wise industry initiative comprises representatives from ten Australian financial institutions including all of the major banks and Schemes. The initiative members represent the industry and their role is to communicate to consumers effectively about the scheme mandate which aims to increase the security of the credit and debit card system by phasing out signature to verify transactions at point-of-sale.

If you use a credit or debit card issued in Australia to pay for purchases, you will soon need a PIN to authorise your transaction, as signature will no longer be accepted. Therefore, it is important that you have and use a PIN to avoid any issues with processing your payments.

All credit, charge, debit and reloadable prepaid cards issued in Australia require a PIN to pay for purchases. This includes all personal, business, corporate charge and credit cards, personal Debit MasterCards and Business Visa Debit Card. This initiative doesn't impact gift cards.

You don't need to worry. If your card hasn’t been issued in Australia, you can sign or use a PIN to verify transactions.

If you have been issued a CommBank corporate card or business credit card from your employer or for a business you own, you must use a PIN to pay for your purchases.

The vast majority of PIN pads have a tactile feature that includes a raised dot on the middle '5' button. This layout will be familiar to most people who are vision impaired, and should therefore be easier to use. Also, the primary 'function' keys are colour coded for ease of visibility. Usually, the 'cancel' button is red, the 'clear / cancel' button is yellow, and the 'enter / OK' button is green. Many PIN pads are designed to be picked up from their holders, to make it easier and more secure for you to enter your PIN. Whatever the case may be, merchant staff should always be able to help you through the process and answer any queries. Research with people who are blind/vision impaired in February 2013 showed that the vast majority of those interviewed were happy to use a PIN having tried it and found it easier and faster than signing.

Yes, in Australia, you can still use contactless payment methods on an enabled terminal, for any transaction under the value of $100. To check whether the point-of-sale terminal supports contactless payments, ask the merchant at the terminal, or simply look at the terminal’s screen prompt for instructions.