Further action

  • Notifying the police

    Depending on the legal requirements of the state or territory where the loss or damage occurs, you need to:

    • Contact the police at the time of the event if anyone was injured
    • Request the police be present at the scene of the event, or
    • Complete a ‘Self Reporting Collision Form’ at the local police station. You should only do this if the police inform you they don’t need to be present at the scene
  • If your vehicle is stolen or maliciously damaged

    Call 13 2423 as soon as possible with the full details of any loss, damage, or anticipated or alleged liability.

    You’ll also need to:

    • Do everything reasonable to limit and prevent further loss or damage
    • Make all reasonable attempts to provide us with the full name/s, address/es and phone number/s of any drivers, passengers and witnesses involved
    • Provide your entitlement to input Tax Credits (iTC), if you’re registered or should be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) purposes. You won’t be covered for any fines, penalties or tax charges if the information you provide is incorrect
  • Claims made against you

    If you feel a claim may be made against you, you need to:

    • Call 13 2423 as soon as possible to report the incident, providing full details of any loss, damage or anticipated or alleged liability, and all details of other drivers involved.
    • Record the name, address, licence number and insurer of other drivers involved
    • Record the registration number of any other vehicles involved
    • Don’t make any admissions or attempt to settle any claim made against you

    You may also be asked to provide all documents relating to the claim, such as letters and court documents.

    CommInsure may also choose to represent you at any inquest of official inquiry, or defend you in court against an alleged offence in connection with the accident.

Car insurance claims - Preferred supplier program

  • Applying to become a Preferred Smash Repairer

    Repairers need to follow a standard application process when applying to become a Preferred Smash Repairer. Applications will be measured against the following minimum standard criteria:

    • Quality of work
    • Customer service and facilities
    • Geographic location
    • Equipment level and repair capacity
    • Repair costs
    • Industry relationships and references
    • Repair management software and technology
    • Historical performance of previous repair work
    • Workshop presentation
    • Shop facilities
    • Customer support and communication
    • Our business need for a supplier in your area

    To register your interest in becoming a Preferred Smash Repairer please email a detailed proposal to preferredsuppliers@cba.com.au clearly outlining:

    • Your business name, ABN and contact details
    • Credentials and qualifications
    • Current performance relating to the above standard criteria
    • Any supporting documentation including references and photographs of your workshop

    Smash repairers submitting applications to become a Preferred Smash Repairer will need to understand that CommInsure is free to use any other supplier of similar services and that there is no volume of work guaranteed. If a supplier in your area isn’t required, you will be advised accordingly and your proposal kept on file for 3 months should a need arise in the near future.

    CommInsure is a signatory to the 'Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct'. This document specifies standards, processes and transparency between insurers and suppliers.

  • Repairer Dispute Resolution

    As a signatory to the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct, all disputes are taken seriously. A standard Dispute Resolution Process exists  to promptly resolve complaints or disputes that may arise in relation to our PSR's and motor vehicle repairs.

    The Process:

    1. In the unfortunate event of a dispute, you first need to contact your local Assessing Manager
    2. If the dispute has then not been resolved after discussions with your local Assessing Manager, you can request for it to be independently reviewed through an  Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process. You need to email with full details of your dispute and any documentation to support the dispute
    3. Should you still not be satisfied you can proceed to External Dispute Resolution (EDR). This must be submitted in writing outlining your dispute and the outcome you are requesting. You will receive a written response detailing the outcome of the EDR review

Important Information

  • This information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs.  Before acting on this information you should consider the appropriateness of the product with regards to your personal circumstances. This information is provided by CIL and where we refer to ‘we’ and ‘our’, we mean CIL.

    Download a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) for Car Insurance issued by CIL, or call 13 24 23 and consider the PDS before making any decisions about these products. 

    Car Insurance is provided by CommInsure, a registered business name of Commonwealth Insurance Limited ABN 96 067 524 216 AFSL 235030 (CIL). CIL is a wholly owned non-guaranteed subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 (The Bank). The Bank does not guarantee the obligations or performance of CIL or the products it offers.

    CommInsure is proud to be a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice, for more information on the code visit www.codeofpractice.com.au

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