Reporting Fraud and Unethical Behaviour

The SpeakUP process

The Commonwealth Bank is strongly committed to maintaining an ethical workplace. The Bank provides an avenue for reporting fraud and unethical behaviour for its service providers and suppliers.

This is an also avenue for suppliers of the Bank to address procurement-related concerns or conflict of interest issues that, for any reason, cannot be resolved satisfactorily through normal business channels. Any concerns will be managed promptly with confidentiality and sensitivity.

The Bank’s Whistleblower Protection Policy is in accordance with Australian Standard 8004—2003 Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities and the process is managed by Group Security.

Contacting the SpeakUP Service

When reporting any potential or actual improper conduct it is important to provide as much detail as possible. However, it is not necessary to prove improper conduct has occurred. Listed below are the SpeakUP reporting mechanisms.

Service providers and suppliers to the Bank can contact the SpeakUP Hotline: