What to do first

Rule out transactions you don't recognise

  • Was the purchase made by a family member or any other cardholder authorised to operate on the account?
  • Could the business be trading under a different name? Check this in NetBank by looking at a specific transaction in more detail and Google search the name you see listed
  • Was the transaction made in a foreign currency and converted into Australian dollars?
  • Is the transaction a regular membership, subscription fee or app download?

To see a transaction in more detail:

1. Log on to the CommBank app or NetBank

2. View accounts

3. Transaction history then click on + to get extra info like date/time purchased and business category

For Corporate Cards please call 13 1576 if you would like to link your account in NetBank.

Check in NetBank

Confirm we can help & protect your account

  • We do our best to help with most enquiries but only the business can resolve:
    • Refunds or exchanges if you change your mind
    • Membership or monthly subscription enquiries
    • Issues with software you've downloaded
  • Any pending transactions will need to be fully processed before we can help you raise a dispute. It generally takes 3 to 5 business days to process a transaction, although it can take up to 10 business days or longer
  • For extra control and security over your account, you can put a temporary lock on your debit or credit card in NetBank or the CommBank app.  If you suspect fraud contact us immediately.
  • For Corporate Cards, please contact 13 1576 to temporarily block or permanently stop your card account. 

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Contact the business quickly

  • Some issues can be resolved faster by contacting the business directly
  • If the business can't help, call us within 30 days of the date of the statement which shows the transaction you're disputing. If you don’t, we may lose any chargeback right we have under MasterCard and Visa scheme rules. However, this doesn’t apply to an unauthorised transaction that is regulated by the ePayments Code

Collect supporting documents

  • As part of our investigation, we may ask you for supporting documents of the transaction you want to dispute
  • Before you contact us, gather receipts, bank statements, photographs of the item if it’s not as described, and the business’ contact details

Get in touch

If you want to dispute a transaction, here's how to get in touch: 


How we help

Working with you

  • We’ll work hard to resolve your issue as quickly as possible
  • For all unauthorised transactions, we'll immediately stop your card to protect your account from further fraudulent activity and send you a new one
  • In the meantime, if you have an Everyday Account, you can use the Cardless Cash feature on the CommBank app to make ATM cash withdrawals
  • When you get your new card it’s important to activate it and set a PIN immediately. Don’t forget to update any direct debits with your new card details too

Acting on your behalf & keeping you updated

  • We’ll get in touch with the business's bank and act on your behalf
  • Following these discussions, we'll either send you a letter or an email confirming the outcome of our investigation

Getting your money back

  • If your dispute is successful, your money will usually be credited to your account within 3 business days
  • This can depend on the type of dispute and whether a business decides to challenge your claim. Some card disputes can take up to 45 days
  • We'll credit the account your dispute was raised from. If that’s closed, we’ll ask you for the details of an alternative account
  • Your credit will appear as at the date the disputed transaction was processed, for example, if it was processed on 5 February, your credit will appear as at 5 February - not the date you raised the dispute or the date your dispute was resolved

Backed by our 100% Security Guarantee

Our 100% security guarantee protects you from unauthorised transactions on personal and business accounts when you protect how you access your accounts and tell us if something is wrong. Tell me more. 

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