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How do I lock, block and limit my card?

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Last updated 14 October 2016

You can choose to "lock" your credit card to block international in-store or online payments, ATM cash advances and contactless card payments. You can then "allow" these transaction types at any time, either for a limited time period (except contactless card payments lock) or an indefinite time period. You can also choose to set a limit per transaction on your credit card.

Settings can be updated by navigating to ‘card settings’ in the CommBank app or NetBank.


  • The settings will also apply to any additional cardholder on the account.
  • Transactions flagged as ‘recurring’ (e.g. direct debits), transactions not sent to us for authorisation and transactions made using smartphone Tap & Pay or PayTag are excluded.
  • In some exceptional situations a transaction may still be approved, even if the transaction type has been locked, as we rely on merchants/financial institutions to provide us with accurate information about transactions they process.

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