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What are CommBank app notifications?

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Last updated 11 March 2015

Similar to SMS or email, CommBank app notifications alert you to important banking information such as your NetCode or changes to your account.

CommBank app NetCode Notifications is a service similar to NetCode SMS where via the CommBank app you receive a one-time security code when you make certain transactions in NetBank, adding an extra level of security. Delivery via the CommBank app means you can now receive your NetCode when you’re overseas without roaming but have a Wi-Fi connection.

CommBank app notifications will be displayed on the home page of the CommBank app however customers using an iPhone can also opt to display the notification as pop up messages or banner alert on the lock or home screen.

Android users can also display the notification as a banner alert or via the drop down notification drawer at the top of the screen.

To manage how your CommBank app notifications are received refer to question How do I sign up for CommBank app notifications.

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