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What should I do if I am selling or giving away my mobile phone or tablet which has the CommBank app or CommBank app for tablet?

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Last updated 18 June 2015

Ensure that prior to selling or giving your phone or tablet away that you restore it to its factory settings to ensure all your personal data is erased. These actions are not reversible so make sure that all content is backed up or on another device before proceeding.

To restore your phone or tablet to its factory settings, find the ‘Reset’ section of your device’s settings menu and follow the prompts. Alternatively, refer to your device’s manual on how to restore it to its factory settings or refer to the relevant website below:







If you have already given your phone or tablet away, you can deregister this device by following the below steps on another device that you have the CommBank app or the CommBank app for tablet registered on:

  • Launch the CommBank app
  • Select Settings > Registrations (via the side menu on your mobile or settings dashboard on tablet)
  • Select the device registration you wish to remove
  • Select Remove registration to confirm

Alternatively you can call us on 132221 to have your device deregistered.

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