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What do the Asset, Liability and Net Worth bars in NetBank Portfolio show?

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Last updated 25 November 2014

The Assets bar shows the total value of what you own as shown in the Portfolio view. This might include an estimate of the value of your home or an investment property, your car, some shares or a term deposit, as well your savings, other bank accounts and superannuation. 

The Liabilities bar shows the total amount of money you owe as shown in the Portfolio view. This might include how much you have left to pay back on your mortgage or any other loans, as well as your credit card debt.

If you have given us information about other assets and liabilities in past product applications, these values and debts may automatically appear in your Portfolio. However, if you have additional loans or credit cards with other financial institutions or assets we don’t know about – like perhaps a savings account with another bank or different super accounts – you can also add these amounts and values into your Portfolio view to get a complete picture of what you own and what you owe.

The Net Worth bar is a summary of the value of your assets and liabilities as shown in the Portfolio view.

It is calculated like this:

  • Your total assets minus your total liabilities = your net worth.

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