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How do electronic home loan documents work?

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Last updated 31 August 2017

Electronic documents can make the home loan process a little easier. You can now choose to receive, sign and return many of your home loan documents electronically. Keep in mind, because of government regulations, we still need some documents to be physically signed and witnessed on paper.

How do I return my electronic home loan documents?

Simply click the ‘Confirm eSignature’ or ‘Finish button’ in your electronic document pack. We’ll notify you to confirm we’ve received your electronically signed (eSigned) documents.

How long do I have to return the documents?

Our home loan offer to you is valid for 21 calendar days after the disclosure date shown on your Consumer Credit Contract Schedule. If you don’t electronically sign (eSign) your electronic documents within that time, they will expire and you won’t be able to access them. If your home loan documents have expired, we can help – just contact your Home Lending Specialist to talk about the next steps.

Can I return printed copies of my electronic home loan documents?

No, electronic home loan documents have to be eSigned online for us to accept them. You can save or print electronic documents for your own records.

Do I need to keep a copy of the documents?

You should keep a copy of your electronic documents for your records. You'll need to download, save or print them using your desktop computer or laptop. Remember that you’ll only have 30 days from when you click the ‘Confirm eSignature’ or ‘Finish button’ in your electronic document pack to save a copy.

You can still access the documents ‘Consumer Mortgage Lending Products Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Fees We Charge For Consumer Mortgage Lending Products’ in your electronic document pack at any time through the CommBank website.

Can I change my electronic home loan documents back to paper?

Yes. Until you click the ‘Confirm eSignature’ or ‘Finish button’ in your electronic document pack, you can still opt out of the eSigning process. Simply contact your Home Lending Specialist.

There’s an error in my home loan documents. What do I do?

Don’t sign the documents if you notice that something’s not right, or if you’re not sure what something means. Talk to your Home Lending Specialist for help, or to arrange for your documents to be corrected and reissued.

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