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What do I do if I suspect unauthorised use of my credit card?

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Last updated 05 November 2018

You must notify the Commonwealth Bank immediately by calling 13 2221 or by visiting a branch.

When notified, the Commonwealth Bank will give you a reference number which will be proof of the date and time of the report. Keep this number as evidence that you have notified the Bank of the misuse, loss or theft. If the card is lost or stolen and unauthorised transactions occur on the account linked to the card, the Commonwealth Bank will be liable for all losses occurring after you tell us that your card has been lost or stolen.

When reporting from overseas:

  • For MasterCard, phone 1-800-MasterCard (1 800 627 8372) in the USA or international operator  and request a reverse charge/collect call to the USA and quote +1 636 722 7111 in any other country
  • For VISA,  phone 1 866 765 9644 in the USA or phone the international operator and request a reverse charge/collect call to the USA and quote +1 303 967 1090 in any other country


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