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Why do I have a transaction in pending as well as a completed transaction on my account from the same merchant?

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Last updated 13 November 2017

When we authorise a card transaction we’re confirming to the merchant your card is valid and there’s money in your account to pay for what you’re buying.  We deduct the transaction amount from your available funds and the transaction shows as pending on your account until the payment process is complete.

In some instances we may authorise your card transaction but the merchant may not process the transaction immediately or they may process the transaction for a different amount, for example: 

  • You buy four books at $25 each and the merchant puts through $100 for authorisation. This appears as a pending transaction on your account and your available funds balance reduces by $100. Then one of your books is ready for delivery earlier than the others and the merchant completes the transaction process for that book for $25. You’ll then see $25 deducted from your account balance and the remaining pending amount due to the merchant will reduce to $75.
  • Some merchants (e.g. car hire, hotel accommodation etc.) will check your card to ensure it’s valid by putting through a transaction for a set amount. This card check will appear as a pending transaction on your account and your available funds balance will reduce by this amount. When the car hire or hotel processes your final bill and it’s for a different amount, you may see two 'pending transactions' on your account. However, the pending transaction of the 'card check' amount will disappear. This generally takes about 3 to 5 business days, although it can take up to 10 business days or longer.



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