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What happens when I go over my credit card limit?

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Last updated 21 August 2018

Remember to keep an eye on your balance to see if you're close to your limit. 

If your credit card account was opened before 1 July 2012 you'll be charged an over limit fee of $10 the first time you go over your credit limit in a statement period. 

If your account was opened after 1 July 2012, you won't be charged an over limit fee.

You may not be able to continue using your credit card unless you make a payment to bring your account below your credit limit. 

Want more control? 

If you'd like to opt out of being able to go over your limit, call 13 2221 and we'll limit instances where your card can go over your limit. This means a transaction made by you or your additional cardholder (if applicable) will be declined at point of sale if it would exceed your credit limit. 

Even if you opt out of being able to go over your limit, there may be occasions when you could still exceed the credit limit. These include when: 

  • Interest and fees are charged 
  • Recurring payments (such as direct debits or regular payments) 
  • Pending transactions are posted (e.g. hotel bookings) 
  • Transaction is not referred to the Bank for approval by the merchant. 

You can also set a spending cap through NetBank or the CommBank app to cap a portion of your credit limit. 

Learn more about our credit card fees and charges.

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