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What’s BPAY View AutoPay®?

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Last updated 13 July 2016

BPAY View AutoPay® is an automatic payment available in NetBank that lets you set a maximum payment limit of your choice. It’s like a direct debit that also gives you the flexibility to automatically pay billers (like phone, gas and electricity) where payments can vary from one bill to the next, as well as those that don’t.

We never automatically pay a bill that’s over your set limit.

If a bill does exceed your preferred set limit, we’ll let you know by email, so you can easily increase the payment for that particular bill in NetBank or the CommBank app. Your BPAY View AutoPay schedule will still be in place so if the next bill is below your set limit, your BPAY View AutoPay schedule will automatically pay it.

How to set up a BPAY View AutoPay schedule:

  • Select Bills & Upcoming payments in NetBank. Select BPAY View AutoPay and then choose Get started. Alternatively, look for the link on the receipt page the next time you make or schedule a bill payment
  • Choose which transaction account or credit card to pay the bill from. Some billers don’t accept credit card payments – we’ll let you know which don’t.

Your BPAY View AutoPay schedule starts when your next bill arrives. We’ll always pay it according to the schedule you’ve created – either up to seven days before or on the due date itself.

You can edit or delete a scheduled BPAY View AutoPay at any time in NetBank. Bear in mind, any changes will be implemented when your next bill arrives.

Note that BPAY View AutoPay can be set up in NetBank but not in the CommBank app.


BPAY®, BPAY View® and BPAY View AutoPay® are registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518.


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