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How do I add a BPAY View® biller?

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Last updated 22 July 2016

There are two ways you can add a BPAY View biller in NetBank1

  1. If a biller is already in your address book, we’ll let you know if they offer BPAY View. You just switch to online bills.
  2. If a biller isn’t in your address book, check if they offer BPAY View first. If they do you need to choose Add biller to add them to your address book then switch to online bills.

How to add a BPAY View biller in the CommBank app:

When you pay an eligible biller in the app, we’ll give you the option to get those bills sent straight to the CommBank app.

You only need to add each biller once in NetBank or the app.

1It can take up to two business days for a biller to action your BPAY View request. You may get one further bill in the post as a result, depending on their billing cycle.

BPAY® and BPAY View® are registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518.

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