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I’ve cancelled my credit card, how do I pay it in NetBank or the CommBank app?

Last updated 12 October 2015

If you’ve cancelled your credit card and need to make a payment before your new card arrives, complete a BPAY payment. 

In NetBank:
Select Transfers & BPAY then select +New payee. 

In the CommBank app:
Open up the app, tap on BPAY and select New BPAY biller. 

Then enter the following details:
Biller code – 1818 (Commonwealth Bank of Australia Card Services)
Ref – The 16 digit card number of your old credit card. 

If you don’t know your card number, you’ll be able to see it in NetBank within two business days after you cancel it. Go to the View accounts tab, select transactions then select Show recently closed accounts. You can also check your old paper statements or call us on 13 2221. 

Once you’ve activated your new card, you won’t need to make anymore BPAY payments for your old card. 

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