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What’s on a personal loan statement?

Last updated 10 November 2016

You’ll be sent a statement for your personal loan twice a year, in January and July. You’ll also be sent a statement if there’s an important change and when your personal loan is paid off.

You can choose to have this mailed or view it online through NetBank. Your statement will include:

  • Statement number – The number in the series of statements sent since your personal loan started.
  • Required repayments – This is the minimum amount you have to pay each month to ensure your loan is paid off within the agreed term.
  • Interest rate – Your current interest rate. If there has been a change during the statement period then this will be shown on the ‘transaction’ page.
  • Loan balance – The amount owing on your loan at the date the statement was issued. This is not necessarily a ‘payout’ figure.
  • Loan snapshot – A summary of the total debt and credit transactions processed during the statement period.
  • Repayments – The sum of loan repayments processed during the statement period.
  • Other – This figure can include any redraws, reversals or adjustments processed in the statement period.
  • Interest – The total interest charged for the current financial year.

You can order additional copies of statements at any time, however there is a $7 fee per copy. If you have a joint personal loan we will send a statement to both people on the loan (even if you live at the same address) unless advised otherwise. However, you can nominate one borrower to receive paper statements and legal notices by completing this form.

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