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What’s a discharge/refinance authority?

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Last updated 17 November 2017

A discharge/refinance authority is used to release the security (e.g. property or cash security) you’ve provided for a home loan. You’ll use this authority if, for example, you’ve sold your property and wish to pay off your CommBank home loan in full.

You’ll need one for these situations:

  • Selling / sold a property – you’re selling a property
  • Refinancing a property – you’re refinancing your loan to another financial institution
  • Loan repaid – you’ve repaid your home loan
  • Substituting an existing security – you’re substituting an existing security for a another security, e.g. you’ve sold your existing property and bought a new property but plan to keep your existing loan
  • Releasing a guarantor – you’re releasing a guarantor from your home loan
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