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How do I complete the discharge/refinance authority?

Last updated 22 November 2017

  1. Fill in the form online
  2. Download and print the completed form
  3. Have all borrowers and guarantors sign the form
  4. Email the signed form to or drop off at your nearest branch.

Note that once we’ve received your signed request, it will take up to 14 business days to process. This request may be subject to credit approval, and we may ask for updated financial details and order valuation(s).

This form is only for residential properties. To discharge/refinance a commercial property, call your Relationship Manager or Business Banking on 13 1998, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Below are some explanations for terms you will find in the form.

Title reference

A title reference is the reference number for the title to your property. You can find your title reference on the title deed, contracts of sale for the property and your council rates notice. You can also search for title references online Fees may apply. Supplying a title reference on the form is optional but preferable.

Share number(s)

A share number identifies your share(s) in a company title property. You can find the share number(s) on the Share Sale Agreement or Share Certificate, or request them from the company secretary of the entity that owns the building or property. Your solicitor may also be able to assist. Supplying a title reference on the form is optional but preferable.

What’s your intention for this property?

  • Property sold – you’ve sold your property and the title is being transferred
  • Property refinance – you’re taking out a new loan with another financial institution
  • Substitute property – you’re substituting an existing security for a another security, e.g. you’ve sold your existing property and bought a new property but plan to keep your existing loan
  • Property remains with CommBank – CommBank retains the property title even after the home loan is repaid
  • Release property without settlement you’ve fully repaid your home loan and are requesting CommBank to release the mortgage

Indicative payout figure

This is the estimated amount required to pay out your loan. This may differ to the actual payout figure calculated on the day of settlement, which could include interest that has accrued during the month, or other fees and charges.

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