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What to do if you don't get the right money out of an ATM

Last updated 13 July 2018

  1. Note the type (e.g. CommBank), street name and suburb of the ATM
  2. Keep all your receipts from the ATM
  3. Call us or visit your nearest branch 

If you used a CommBank ATM and card, we’ll start an investigation to understand the details of the ATM transaction (called an ATM shortpay) and let you know the outcome within 21 business days of you contacting us. 

If you used your CommBank card at another bank’s ATM, we’ll contact the other bank to investigate the details of the transaction. We’ll need to wait for the other bank to confirm the results of their investigation before we’re able to let you know the result. You’ll hear back from us within 21 business days and we’ll send you a letter if it’s likely to take longer.

If the transaction was at a CommBank ATM using another bank’s card, you’ll need to contact the other bank to resolve the issue.

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