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What happens when you overdraw your account?

Last updated 15 August 2018

When you don’t have enough money in your CommBank transaction account (Smart Access, Everyday Offset, Streamline or Complete Access), our Overdraw feature may make extra funds available temporarily so that certain payments can go through.

Our Overdraw feature (at the Bank’s discretion) is currently available for:

  • Direct Debits and Cheques
  • Scheduled BPAY® payments
  • Purchases using a card linked to your CommBank transaction account

Examples of Direct Debits include automated payments for gym memberships, loan repayments, and bill payments.

You can choose to receive a notification to alert you when your account is overdrawn. You can turn on these notifications in the CommBank app or NetBank.

Are there Overdraw fees?

If your CommBank transaction account (Smart Access, Everyday Offset, Streamline or Complete Access) is overdrawn by midnight (Sydney/Melbourne time), an Overdrawing Approval fee and interest charges may apply on the overdrawn amount. Check our current rates and fees.

How to switch off account overdraw feature?

Give us a call to turn off our Overdraw feature, or visit your nearest branch. If you choose to switch off our Overdraw feature, any Direct Debits, Cheques or Scheduled BPAY® payments that exceed the money available in your account will be dishonoured and any card purchases will be declined. A dishonour fee may apply. Check our current fees.

You can also avoid Overdrawing Approval fees and interest charges by bringing your account back into credit by midnight (Sydney/Melbourne time) on the same day.

Helping you manage your money

Our Overdraw feature (at the Bank’s discretion) can help you avoid late bill payment fees. But there are ways we can help you manage your money so you don’t overdraw your account.

  • Check your account balance at any time in the CommBank app or NetBank
  • Know what’s happening with your money, by turning on Transaction Notifications in the CommBank app. We’ll tell you instantly when you pay or are charged for something on your CommBank debit or credit card
  • See what you spend with Spend Tracker in the CommBank app. It automatically categorises your spending, so you can see all the different areas where you spend your money


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