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Which foreign currencies are available?

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Last updated 15 September 2017

You can pre-order and pay for your foreign currency online using ExpressFX

ExpressFX orders are delivered to your nominated branch by your selected delivery date.

Alternatively, all of our branches buy and sell a variety of foreign currencies (see table below).  If the currency you would like to buy is not in stock, it can be ordered in for you.   

Please note that denominations will vary between branches and are subject to availability.   

Currency Currency Code   Currency Currency Code
Canadian Dollar CAD   Philippine Peso PHP
Chinese Renminbi CNY   P.N.G. Kina PGK
Danish Kroner DKK   Saudi Riyal SAR
Euro EUR   Singapore Dollar


Fijian Dollar FJD   Solomon Island Dollar SBD
Great British Pound GBP   South African Rand ZAR
Hong Kong Dollar HKD   South Korean Won KRW
Indian Rupee INR   Sri Lankan Rupee LKR
Indonesian Rupiah IDR   Swedish Kronor SEK
Japanese Yen JPY   Swiss Franc CHF
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD   Taiwan Dollar TWD
Malaysian Ringgit MYR   Thai Baht THB
New C/Tahiti Franc XPF   U.A.E. Dirham AED
New Zealand Dollar NZD   US Dollar USD
Norwegian Kroner NOK   Vanuatu Vatu VUV
Oman Rial OMR
  Vietnamese Dong VND

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