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Why is the balance of my Essential Super account not shown for today's date?

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Last updated 10 February 2015

The balance shown is produced using the latest unit price we have calculated. For a given NSW business day, we have to wait for all the markets to close for the unit price to be calculated. As a result, we only receive the unit price on the following business day. E.g. Unit price for the 04/04/2015 is only received on the 05/04/2015 after 3pm (Sydney time).

This means if you complete a withdrawal, the balance you see on screen is not what you will receive in your bank account. We'll calculate your amount based on the unit price at the time we receive your withdrawal request in line with our transaction cut-off time (3pm Sydney time).

You can find out more about transactions and unit pricing by reading the Essential Super PDS.

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