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I'm an existing customer, what do I need to bring to open an account?

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Last updated 28 February 2014

If you're an existing Commonwealth Bank customer you should simply bring with you (if applicable):

  • Existing Commonwealth Bank deposit account number(s)
  • Existing Commonwealth Bank debit/credit account number(s)
  • Pension type (Pensioner Security Accounts only)
  • Pension number (Pensioner Security Accounts only)

Please also bring with you your Tax File Number (TFN) or TFN Exemption if we don't already have it for your existing accounts. It’s not an offence to withhold your TFN for a deposit account. However, if you don’t quote it, the Bank is required by law to deduct tax from any interest earned on the deposit account, above a certain threshold.

You can also apply online now!

If you're a current NetBank customer:

  • Log onto NetBank
  • Click 'Offers and Apply'
  • Choose the product you would like to apply for and follow the prompts

If you're not registered for NetBank you can register today.

Alternatively, you can apply online now. You'll need at least two of the following in order for us to ID you:

  • Passport
  • Drivers licence
  • Medicare card
  • Birth Certificate

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