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How do I link someone else's account to my NetBank?

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Last updated 05 February 2014

The account owner must give you authority to operate on the account. An authority to operate can be established by visiting your nearest branch with the account owner. You will need to provide identification and complete a form. Authority to operate allows you to have:

  • Maintenance, information and transactional access to the account in a branch;
  • Transactional and information access to the account over the phone;
  • Transactional and information access to the account in NetBank.

Note: For accounts requiring more than one signature all parties must sign the authority to operate.

Alternatively, the account owner can provide you with access to their account in NetBank using the Give someone online access to my account feature, providing:

  • The account/s they wish to give you access to is -
    • A personal transaction account in their name only. For example a Complete or Smart Access account.
    • A sole trader account in their name only.
  • Both of you are registered for NetBank and NetCode (SMS/Token).

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